about me


i guess i should say something here. uhm. i like games? and cooking?


i really hope i can edit this later. :rofl:

as part of the really cool “world of women” board gaming community i was coerced into starting a blog. i won’t name any names, but… oh wait, i already did. but carly isn’t the only one at fault. i also give some blame to aggi. finally, there is my husband (who has even less on

line presence than me) who said i should start blogging…. probably so he can ignore the blog instead of the 30-40 messages i send him in a row when i get really excited about something (usually board game related).

i’m an american in paris leipzig. i’m older than catan but not as old as monopoly, and hopefully more entertaining than either.

i will post some stuff in englisch and some stuff in german… and some stuff in my own strange denglisch. i put a traslator widget in the sidebar.. so good luck with that. the rest i am still kinda working out.